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Greg Amptman

GregAmptman's Moments in Time

Poway, CA


My photos enable me to share some of my undersea adventures with divers and non divers alike. In doing so, I hope to show the beauty and majesty as well as the mystery of our worlds oceans. Diving after seven years and logging over 1000+ dives I realized that our oceans are not an inexhaustable resource which we can not afford to squander. Our oceans is something we need to manage conservatably. Our lives and futures depend on this.


* Explorers Club member AN11
* Rescue Diver
* Underwater Photographer
* Underwater Naturalist
* AOL Photographer of the Month (Shooting Stars, April, 2004)

Photographic contributions include:

* Seattle Aquarium (Jeff Christainsen)
* University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences. (Cindy A. Tribuzio)

Photographic collaborations:
* Saving the Ocean with Carl Safina, Shark Reef and the Sacred Island DVD cover by PBS
* The Big Book of Sharks by Discovery Channel
* Wonderful Water Planet by Naoko Funikoshi
* Shark Savers Web Site
* Shark Diver Magazine issue 20
* Northwest Dive News May 2008 cover shot
* The Shark Handbook 2008 by Greg Skomal
* Sharks of the Mediterranean 2008 (Italy) by Alessandro de Maddalena
* 25 Sharks 2008 (Germany) by Alessandro de Maddalena
* Northwest Dive News October 2007 (Page 4) "Publishers Corner; Fall Diving is Cool" by Rick Stratton
* Northwest Dive News September 2007 (Page 35) "Northwest Sampler" by Mike Hughs
* SvbAqva (Italy) July 2007 (Page 42) "Gli Squali del Pacifico Nord-Orientale" by Il Libro
* "Sharks of the Pacific Northwest including Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska" (2007) by Alessandro De Maddalena
* Northwest Dive News (Cover shot and page 16)(December 2006) Volume 10 Issue 12 "South Puget Sound-Urban diving at it's best" by Susan Mador and Rick Stratton


Twilight at the Beach


Mermaid Near the Ocean Floor


Scrips Pier at Night


Scripps Pier at Night


Downtown Disney


Christmas at Downtown Disney


Mermaid on the Beach


Old Poway Park










Stairway to Dreams


Disney Fountain at Night




Windmill at Twilight


Mermaid Swim By


Mermaid in the Sun


Caribbean Reef Shark


Tiger Shark


Caribbean Reef Shark




Leopard Shark


Gray Whale


San Diego